Going, Going, Gone

As time goes on, I am faced with the reality that there is a limit to the number of vehicles an individual owner can acquire, maintain, and drive regularly.  In recent years, I have had to face the choice of divesting myself with a few outstanding cars, in favor of being able to give proper … [Read more…]

Man’s Best Friend

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend.  If our own canine companions (Veloce – Whippet, and Cicero – German Shorthair Pointer) are any example, then that phrase is indisputable. No human could or would exhibit the unconditional love, obedience, and trust that is a natural component of most dogs’ personalities.  Our two … [Read more…]

On the Road Again

Not to rest on our laurels after our 3,000 mile bike trip to Sturgis, SD, my buddy Nathan and I decided to take a shorter trip in September (2015) over the Texas border to Louisiana. Again, a full narrative of our trip can be found at:  www.austinmotorscene.com/on-the-road-again/

Sturgis 2015

As I’ve rekindled my interest in motorcycling over the past 4 years or so, it has seemed that I should make the trip to the Sturgis annual bike meet at least once.  I checked that off the bucket list this past August, accompanied by my biker buddy Nathan Gibson:   Full details of our trip … [Read more…]

Spain and France – 2015

Dorothee and I have traveled to a number of European countries… England, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy.. but have never been to Spain until July 2015.  Our flight was to Barcelona, where we spent several days and met up with our good friends (and fellow worldwide travel companions) Dietmar Panten and Britta Behmer from … [Read more…]

Out of Africa in 15 minutes

In the spring of 2014 Dorothee and I took a trip to South Africa to visit our good friends Roley and Ina Noffke, who live on the outskirts of Johannesburg.  It is a fatiguing trip… 19 hours flight time from Washington D.C. to Johannesburg, including a short fuel stop at Dakar, Senegal. We traveled via … [Read more…]

A House IS a Home!

During the almost 30 years Dorothee and I have been together, we have lived in 5 different houses. Looking back, however, none of the prior houses we’ve owned/occupied have every truly felt like OUR home until now. For example, our first house in Hilo came with orange (yes, Denny’s ORANGE) wall tile in the kitchen, … [Read more…]

Greenwich, CT.. August 2012

In 2003 Dorothee and I met our now-good-friends David and Shree Mickelson while on a cultural exchange trip to Havana, Cuba.   At the time of our meeting, David and Shree were just dating, but married the following year, and subsequently met up with us in Hawaii during their honeymoon. Since then, we’ve remained in … [Read more…]