Mexico 2017 Part Siete

<< PREVIOUS This will be the last blog segment as we prepare to depart Mexico.  It is with mixed feelings that we contemplate leaving Queretaro, as our time here has left an indelible memory of mostly pleasant surroundings, experiences and encounters. The kindness, patience, and courtesy of Mexican citizens can’t be over-emphasized.  Every aspect of … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017 Part Seis

  PREVIOUS                                 NEXT >> Miercoles 27 Julio Today was the big day! The day my bespoke hand tailored pantalones were to be ready. I eagerly skipped next door (literally) to the tiny tailor shop and had to wait outside while … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017 Part Cinco

PREVIOUS                                 NEXT >> VIERNES 21 JULIO We are beginning to develop a workable routine for our days here in Queretaro.  After a long full day, we generally reserve the following day for rest and relaxation. At first my farm boy … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017 Part Tres

<< VIEW PREVIOUS PAGE         VIEW NEXT PAGE>> SABADO 15 JULIO Today we decided to make the long walk to Parque Queretaro 2000 and then on to the city’s Costco store so Dorothee could stock up on provisions.  On the map, this park promised to be intriguing, as it looks to encompass … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017 Part Dos

<< VIEW PREVIOUS PAGE         VIEW NEXT PAGE>>   JUEVES 13 JULY Today we gave ourselves permission to rest.  We had a leisurely morning a la casa, then a leisurely stroll down to the plaza(s) for desayuno, then back home for an “administrative” day at our respective computers. The day completed rather … [Read more…]

Mexico 2017 Part Uno

    Nothing can be more tortuous than spending a July or August in sweltering Austin.  Last summer we vowed we would find a cooler locale.  We finally settled on Queretaro, a lovely city situated in Central Mexico, about a 3 hour drive north of Mexico City. Queretaro couldn’t have been a better choice in … [Read more…]

Two Old Bikers Hit the Road Again

When fall rolls around, and the edge softens from Austin’s tortuous summer heat, I naturally start thinking about getting the Indian back on the road again.  That usually means contacting my biker buddy Nathan Gibson for some companionship on the trip. Although Nathan continues to insist on riding that P.O.S. Harley of his, both me … [Read more…]

Washington D.C. Spring 2013

It’s been years since Dorothee and I last visited Washington D.C.  When she suggested late last year that this would make a good week’s vacation trip, I was all for it.  Thanks to our good friends Tim and Desiree Chagin we were able to get great rates at the Omni SouthPark (Tim’s a VP with … [Read more…]